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Teacher Profile of our school

    There are 41 full-time teachers in the School, including 30 teachers with a doctoral degree, 7 professors, 18 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors, 19 master supervisors, one Million Talents of Jiangxi Province, four Leaders of Middle-aged Specialists of Jiangxi Province. And the School has employed more than 20 industry elites for the School tutors, which enriches practice teaching.

    In recent years, teachers in the School have published more than 400 academic papers in total. Among them, the amount of papers from core journals and above level is 250, the amount of paper from CSSCI and above level is 190, and more than 140 papers were published in prestigious publications such as SCI/SSCI/EI. More than 30 monographs have been published, among which was selected as excellent one. Moreover, teachers of the School are responsible for 28 projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation, and more than 60 research projects at provincial level.