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the Sharing Meeting of Overseas Study and the Second IELTS Simulation Contest Presentation Ceremony

    On the afternoon of NOV.29th, the International Communication Association of the School of Tourism and Urban Management of JUFE held the 2017 overseas study conference and the second IELTS awards ceremony in the 108 room of College Students’ active auditorium. The presence of leading guests were GongMeiJun, who was the deputy director of international cooperation and exchange affairs, ZouYongwen, who was the president of tourism and urban management, ZouXiuqing, who was the vice president of international communication affairs in charge of the college, LaiXiaodong, who was the secretary of the office of international exchange and cooperation and teacher WangYan.

    As the event beginning, master Zou Yongwen and master Gong Meijun as well as vice master Zou Xiuqing awarded the first, the second, the third, prize to the 2th IELTS cdelivered us a wonderful speech, emphasizin that our tourism and urban management institute was always treasuring the national cooperation program, try our best to lay a tough foundation for us to study abroad. Later, master Zou praized the great job and effective activities national cooperation association done. In the end of the sppech, master Zou came up with a accessible ideal that we could set up a summer camp program which would invite foreign student to our school to have communications with our students, in this way, we would improve our English level. What's more, master Zou hoped that we would improve our capacities in all of the activities this association held, and that prepared for the IELTS as well as the Toefl examinations properly, so that we could make our abroad dream come ture as soon as possible.

    Gong Meijun,the School of international exchange and cooperation department deputy director will give students a sharing about studying abroad. The lecture closely around the study abroad, with the strong interaction, Gong Meijun talk about the current generation, school's platform and abroad preparation for students in three aspects. He pointed out that the current Chinese has entered a new generation of the Internet, big data, a new era of internationalization, we should grasp the opportunity of a new generation to develop an international perspective, study abroad to improve our ability. In addition, he also shared the school's platform and policy, let the students realize clearly that the school will support and subsidize students to study abroad. At the same time,he also emphasize the students need to make preparations for studying abroad.He hopes students who wants to study abroad should make a long-term plan and hold on it consistently and persistently.

    With the heavy applause, the 2017 overseas study conference and the second IELTS awards ceremony ended. Through this activity, not only enrich the students’ knowledge who belong to school of tourism and urban management, learning more about the policy of the studying abroad, but also help student plan their way of life in the future.