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Experience Sharing Meeting of Studying Abroad

The AIC of School of Tourism and Urban Management held the Experience Sharing Meeting of Studying Abroad at 16:50 in Graphic information building on June 1,2017. This meeting was aimed at increasing students’ knowledge about applying for studying abroad programs and broadening their horizons for foreign schools. The AIC invited Lu Zehong from Artevelde university college and Zhang Yue from University of Economics Prague to share their experience about the process of applying for exchange students and postgraduate study in other countries.

After the host’s simple introduction, Lu shared his experience about the process of applying for studying abroad and told students his stories there, including troubles he met and how he solved these problems and went through the hard life abroad. At the beginning, Lu showed some beautiful pictures of Belgium and then he introduced colorful culture and teaching methods about universities there. Besides, he claimed his life from food, clothing, housing and transportation. In the applause, Zhang shared her experience as well. She displayed some beautiful pictures of Czech Republic firstly as the same as Lu, after which she shared her experience about how to apply for studying abroad and get a visa as well as the environment of school there. After their narration, students there came up with their doubt and Zhang and Lu answered them patiently.

This activity not only improved students’ interests to study abroad and aggrandized their common sense about going abroad, but also provided another method for confused students who want to study abroad. Besides, it encouraged students to build their goals and created an international atmosphere for them. We expect that more and more students in our college can go abroad with these foreign learning softwares and other ways.


(Edited by Xiong guangxing)

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