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"Cross-strait Real Estate (Land) System Comparative Analysis and Experience for Reference" Academic Seminar Successfully



    In order to promote academic research, deepen academic research, promote cross-strait real estate academic field of inter-exchange and promote cross-strait land management practices learning from each other, "cross-strait real estate (land) system comparative analysis and experience for reference "academic seminar was held in our school on May 15 to 19, 2017. The conference was organized by the Cross-Strait Real Estate Research Center, which was jointly organized by our institute and the Taiwan University of China's Cultural and Environmental Planning Institute. Professor Yang Songling, Dean of the Faculty of Municipal and Environmental Planning of Taiwan University of China, led an associate professor Xu Guocheng and six Master graduates to this meeting.
    In the special academic report of teachers, Professor Yang Songling, with the theme of "Taiwan real estate property rights and common land transfer system", systematically analyzed the difference of land policy system between Taiwan and mainland China, and he also analyzes some practical problems under the privatization of property rights with the "plight of privatization of property rights". Associate Professor Xu Guocheng gave a report on the introduction and content analysis of the new Taiwan land system. The contents of the land planning in Taiwan were systematically explained. Professor Zou Xiuqing made a report on the structure of land property rights in mainland China, and reviewed the history and system of land property rights in mainland China. College of Dr. Ye Jiahui and Dr. Tu Xiaosong respectively made the "mainland infrastructure investment spillover effect" and "mainland natural ecological space control and urban and rural construction space optimization" report.
    In the postgraduate special academic exchange, Taiwan Chinese Culture University Jiangbaihua, Rao Jiaxiu and other four students made academic reports respectively on the topical of Taiwan region of urban land development, section Section collection, etc. Our college Mo Guohui, Sun Qiurong, Zhou Hongji  made academic reports respectively on the topical of the land financial risk early warning, the value of land resources asset accounting, real estate tax system reform and other issues to share the research results. Participants and undergraduates participated in a heated discussion on topics they interested in.
    During the seminar, Professor Yang Songling and his party also carried out a two-day field visiting to the rural areas of Shangrao City, which deepened the real cognition of Taiwan teachers and students to the comprehensive improvement of rural land and farmland circulation system in mainland China.
    Before the seminar, Vice President Wang Xiaoping met with Professor Yang Songling and the director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office Xiao Long, Dean Zou Yongwen accompanied by the president. Wang Xiaoping encouraged the College and the China University of Culture School and Environmental Planning Institute to carry out more in-depth cooperation and exchanges for academic exchanges in the future and build a broader platform. Professor Yang Songling believes that the establishment of the Straits Cross-strait Real Estate Research Center in 2016 provides a good opportunity and will continue to further promote cross-strait land management, real estate research cooperation in the future.