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Vegetarian Festival, Eating Healthily Together

At the noon of May 3, 2017, the 6th Vegetarian Festival was held in Mai Lu campus and attracted a great number of students to take part in this activity. The festival was organized by our schools Chinese Young Volunteers Association, aiming at expending the importance of developing a healthy diet as well as cherishing food.

The organizers prepared about 1000 admission tickets and 9 delicious dishes for all the students. On the square in front of the canteen, excited and curious, students waited in line to get the ticket and then entered the canteen. The event was so hot and meaningful that the actively participated students learned about Vegetarian Festival’s beginning, development and future goals when they were waiting.

Nowadays, more and more people get ill because of unhealthy eating habits, especially eating too much meat. Therefore, we need the Vegetarian Festival to tell students the importance of a vegetarian diet, which can not only help them lose weight but also reduce the risk of diseases and improving digestion at the same time.

Most students said that they had learned the importance of eating healthily and they also showed great interest in vegetarian diet. A wonderful meal, a meaningful experience, it was a good day to be remembered for all of us!