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The Second Simulation Competition of IELTS Meets a Happy Ending

On April 12, the second simulation competition of IELTS of School of Tourism and Urban Management was held in classroom C329 in the afternoon. The examiners of the test were three abroad students, they are MoagiAlbiola and Jonathan. And they were invited by Association of International Communication. 

The written test held on April 9 was the second part of our competition, which aimed at creating a more realistic, three-dimensional IELTS experience for the whole students in our college. Considered of avoiding taking up students class time, we made a very different timetable for both the examiners and students, which not only saved waiting time , but also helped we organizers keep a good order.

With sunny weather, there are a lot of lively and energetic students in the prepared classroom. Since it was the first time for most of them to take such an oral test, many students seemed to be excited but nervous when they were waiting. However, everything changed as soon as the examination started. Students turned to be calm with time going by and the examination room was full of surprise and laughter from the beginning to the end of the test. The opportunity to communicate with abroad students, face to face, benefited each student a lot. At the same time, they had a good impression on Albiolas humor, Moagis grace and Jonathans enthusiasm. To establish a long relationship with our foreign friends, some students asked their contact information friendly, with the wish to make friends with them.

The oral test was the last part and it was also organized by Association of International Communication. This activity was designed to carry out the policy of national and international education strategy of our college. Apart from that, we hope that this competition could encourage students to study abroad to enrich their knowledge and experience and at the same time, help student who is going to apply for International exchange program know about the process of IELTS competition in advance.

              (Edited by Xiong guangxingXia bingbing)

                                                                                 Association of International Communication