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Dr. Asim Biswas of McGill University, Canada Gave Lectures in Our School

    To strengthen exchanges and cooperation with world-class universities is one of the important initiatives for the construction of elite school in our university. Recently, at the invitation of the Faculty, Dr. Asim Biswas of McGill University, Canada came to the school to conduct a series of teaching and research activities and was hired as a visiting professor.

    In the afternoon of April 12, Vice-President Wang Xiaoping delivered a guest professor to Dr. Asim Biswas on behalf of the school and thanked Asim Biswas for his positive contribution to the international exchange work. Professor Asim Biswas was pleased to be part of our school and looked forward to more and more in-depth cooperation with our school. After the ceremony, accompanied by President Zou Yongwen, Wang Xiaoping and Professor Asim Biswas visited the Academy's tea space and enjoyed the wonderful tea show. International Cooperation and Exchange Office Xiao Long Director, all teachers in College of Land Management Department attended the event.

    During the visit, Professor Asim Biswas taught "GIS Spatial Analysis and Prediction" courses16 lessons) for undergraduates in land resource management. The teaching content not only emphasized the systematic explanation of the spatial analysis, the spatial analysis data type, the spatial analysis model, the spatial analysis and forecasting theory, but also the cultivation of students' practical application ability through the operation mode. Professor Asim Biswas taught humorously and paid attention to inspire students to take the initiative to think. This course strengthened the students on the GIS theory and methods of systematic understanding, and opened up the international perspective of students as well.

    In addition, Professor Asim Biswas also brought a wonderful academic report to the teachers and students in the Academy of Land Resources Management and Research Team. They had a deep discussion on spatial analysis, land resource management and academic thesis writing.